Painting My House

Picture this: a nondescript tan house with tan trim and when you walk inside, you’re hit in the face with Pepto Bismal pink, with some purple zigzags thrown in for style.

The pink wasn’t a deal breaker, but it did make me pause. Now, I’m no stranger to house projects. I’ve painted interiors, ripped up carpet, helped my husband replace the flooring, tiled bathrooms, restained hardwood floors, and remodeled bathrooms. I am no stranger to painting. Still, the amount of paint it takes to go over a bright pink is a shocking amount of paint.

This weekend, we decided to finally get around to painting the outside. Or, rather, the weather has been dry and warm for more than a week here in the PNW, so we deemed it safe to paint outside.

It was the first time I’ve ever used a pressure washer and I have to admit, I pretended like I was one of the original badass Ghostbusters.

I de-nailed, sanded and painted trim while my husband and a friend put in four window (hurray for no more cloudy, leaking aluminum frames!).

Desite the long hours, it feels great to have done something productive this weekend. I recently heard that you’re either producing or consuming and I’ve decided I want to be doing more producing regularly, be it painting my home or making lemonade or working on a novel. I think there should be a third catergory- being, such as when I’m hiking or walking on the beach.

What about you? What’s in your productive category for the week?

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