ProOne Water Filter Review

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After we noticed that our water was smelling and tasted bad, we set out on a search for a water filtration system. We looked at reverse osmosis systems (expensive!) and under-the-kitchen-sink options (which meant crawling under the sink to swap it out periodically) and eventually settled on the ProOne. I’d been on the fence about the Burkey and ultimately decided against it (I hate cleaning stainless steel, the price point is steep, it lacks independent testing, and you have to lift the top to see if it needs water).

So far, I love the ProOne Big II system. My water now has no funky flavor or taste and it’s easy to refill.

My new water filter, no crawling under the sink required

It does take up some space, but I don’t mind at all. I got used to having a jug of water while living in Vietnam, so this isn’t unusual to me.

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