Monday Musings: Trash to Treasure

I was walking along the beach yesterday, hoping for a beautiful view. I wanted a blue sky and to see far into the horizon. Instead, I got another view: grey sky, tumultuous surf, and fog.

Before arriving, I had planned to walk several miles on the coastline. My walk wasn’t deterred by the weather, so I started walking. One step at a time, I made my way along the edge of the water, focusing on long, slow inhales and feeling the sound of the crashing waves wash over me.

It was lovely.

At the far end of the beach, driftwood littered the sand. It always makes me think of a wood graveyard. It’s an amazing sight.

People gather a lot of the wood and stack it in piles or against each other in shabby lean-tos. Even better, though, are the full-blown structures.

I always take visitors to this beach to enjoy the view and take pictures.

Driftwood fort

When I reached the turnaround, I took a few minutes to marvel at the beauty of it all. People could easily be discouraged by the less-than-idyllic view. Instead, they see the magic in it all and take the ocean’s destruction and turn it into something creative and impressive.

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