Don’t Cry Over Spilt Paint

I had just left the hardware store for the third time in one day, tired and hungry and wanting to just be finished with the day’s tasks. As our house is in a constant state of flux between being so clean you can eat off the floors and a complete construction zone, we try to limit the amount of project materials we have at once. However, we had some extra help show up unexpectedly, so I had raced to the store to gather some more material.

One of which was paint. I decided to paint our small bathroom a coastal blue color and it was the one time I didn’t check the paint lid, or secure the can on the floorboard or truck, surrounded by all the reusable grocery bags I always forget to take into the store.

There I was, driving home along the coastal highway, enjoying the view, when something caught my attention on the passenger’s side floorboard. Realizing it was paint, I quickly pulled over. There was a minor bit of frustration as I gathered up the rubber mat and pant can and wrapped them in a bag and in a backseat car cover that we use for dog sitting.

I got back in my car and threw napkins on the puddle that had gone over the sides of the mat. I reminded myself that it’s just paint and was surprised when I realized I didn’t need the reminder. In the past, I would have been irate or cried about the mess.

Earlier that day, however, I had rearranged part of our garage and pondered if we should sell the residential carpet cleaner but decided against it as we’ve used it often enough to justify keeping it. At home, I pulled out the carpet cleaner and tackled the mess. It delayed my plan for the day and required a return trip to the store for a replacement, but I didn’t let it ruin my mood or my day. I’m finally beginning to learn that I can’t control things that are out of my control.

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