Flexibility: The Key to Success

We’re tackling the last big project for the year and it’s a doozy. Our garage is an addition and was added under a permit for a deck. Whoever built it didn’t do it to spec, which means that remodeling it has been interesting.

As it’s where there was a bat infestation and a leaking roof, we’d planned to rehab it. Getting into it, though, we realized a few big issues: 1) The roof pitch is inadequate and in order to keep the garage, that would need to be remedied or it would just leak again. 2) Termite damage.

It’s taken a while to get to this project and people who are able to help. We had someone lined up to do the roof, but he was the one that told us about the pitch, and he doesn’t do structural corrections. Thankfully, my husband’s friends jumped in to help as he couldn’t do it on his own and it was beyond my scope of DIY skills.

This in and of itself would be a great undertaking but was made even more difficult as we have two huge picture windows that the roof was butted up against. The choice was to either demo the garage or remove/replace the windows. We opted to replace the windows, which were a specialty size.

After tearing the roof off on Thursday, with rain looming in the forecast for roughly the next 8 months, we were suddenly on crunch time. Windows, however, are 10 to 12 weeks out to get on order according to the dozens of places I called within a three-hour drive.

I persisted and found a place that didn’t have any windows in stock that would work but said they did have a yard full of “overstock”. Basically, they had windows that were returned as the customers didn’t like them- whether it meant they decided to go with a different look or that the wrong size was ordered, or they were purchased in bulk and weren’t needed and were returned for a small return.

I drove two hours and walked through rows and rows of windows.

Windows aren’t thrilling. My specific needs were for “picture windows” or “casement windows,” which basically don’t slide to open.

I’d find a window that would work, and then realize it was a one-off gem. It would have worked great, if the windows weren’t side-by-side.

I eventually found two matching windows that were small enough for the space. They were returned, but thankfully new. The only problem? They were meant to be vertical, and we needed windows that were wider than the height. After speaking with the window guy, he told me that due to the (small) size of the windows, it would be okay to plug the existing weepholes and add new ones. Which is what we did.

My husband and his friend removed in the large, clouded windows and reframed the new ones. Now, we’re in the process of painting the inside so we can either decorate it or sheetrock over it.

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