Soy in My Eggs?!

There’s soy in my eggs. Yours, too, most likely.

I was surprised a few years ago when I realized that one of my favorite teas from Trader Joe’s listed soy as an ingredient. In an herbal tea. Where soy has no place.

Soy contributes to my migraines, so I have become careful about reading labels for anything pre-packaged, although the majority of my groceries are whole foods.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a video stating that eggs contain soy. I did a little digging and realized that the vlogger meant that commercial chicken feed contains soy, which then transfers into the eggs. The eggs that are soy-free are from pasture-raised chickens. Not cage-free. Not free range. Pasture free. Think top-shelf liquor level of eggs. The expensive ones.

I called around to the local farm stands where I usually buy eggs and explained my predicament: I am looking for eggs from chickens that aren’t fed soy, to try to mitigate migraines. Only one responded and said that after looking at her feed, it does contain 5% soy. This is a small amount, sure. But when we change what the animals eat, it affects their health and, in turn, ours when we consume them. If soy is in everything from our eggs to our tea- what impact does that have on our health? For me, it increases my migraines.

My small rural town doesn’t “allow” livestock in city limits. I’m able to garden and fish (and hunt, if I choose), so I’m not inclined to up and move, but I am continuing my search for a local farm that doesn’t use soy feed. It’s sad, how far we’ve come from wholesome, healthy food as a standard.

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