Treasure Hunting

As a child, I spent hours in the forest pretending to look for treasure. One day I stumbled across a cache of view finders and was delighted to look through the pictures. I imagined stories about the people in the images and wondered how the pictures ended up in the middle of the woods.

I have always been intrigued by the idea of buried treasure and a few years ago borrowed a metal detector to search my back yard. All I found was metal junk and a lone nickel, but I had a blast.

Most days I make my way to the beach and walk along the edge of the water, breathing in the salt air and enjoying the scenery. One day, I met a man who was visiting for the day and had been metal detecting. He told me that he’d been enjoying the hobby for twenty-five years and told me about some of his most exciting finds.

So, I decided to get a metal detector. I originally looked at the Bounty Hunter brand as they are a great entry level metal detector. (affiliate link). However, I ended up getting a Nokta Macro Simplex+ detector simply because I am really interested in hunting in the wet sand, which requires a special metal detector.

My husband decided he would like to take up the hobby as well as we and found a deal on a Fisher that someone was selling in the next town over.

So far, I’ve just played around in my yard with it a bit to get a feel for the machine and how it works. I plan to get to the beach on the next dry day and will share my experience here. I figure at worst I’ll pick up trash and have a fun time walking the coastline and at best I’ll do those and find something amazing.

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