New Year, New You?

I no longer get into the hype of New Year’s resolutions. So many times I’ve resolved to eat healthier, exercise more, and worry less. While these are all lofty goals, they aren’t concrete.

What does “eat healthier” mean? Is it giving up sugar? Eating more broccoli? Could it be eating mindfully- chewing slowly and enjoying the meal (perhaps with company) without the distraction of a television or cell phone?

Anyone who has regularly used a gym can attest to the fact that in January it’s hard to find a parking spot, but just a few months later that’s no longer an issue.

The thing I dislike about resolutions is that they’re future-focused. It’s the idea of binging on Friday because come Monday, everything would magically fall into place to eat healthy, exercise, sleep better and, and, and…

In March, I decided that instead of jumping straight into scrolling through my phone or watching the news that I would sit quietly and spend the first five to ten minutes reading a Bible study while I sip my coffee. Often, I will meditate or stretch after. This small change has made a huge impact in my day.

Small habits are easier to maintain, but they also seem to lend themselves to being clear. I liken it to training for a marathon: it’s broken down by sections with a training plan. When out running, I would tell myself that I would just run to the next streetlamp. These days, I no longer run, but I still like to set obtainable goals.

All that aside, I have also become acutely aware of just how quickly time passes. Life is precious. Sure, I may look forward to a vacation in the future or the ease of summer (having just experienced an extended power outage), but that doesn’t mean I can’t find joy in today or do something positive today.

If you’re looking to make a change, today is a good day to do so. If you do set resolutions, perhaps choose something that brings joy and growth: learn to garden so you can make your own salsa, draw everyday like you used to as a kid, put down your phone when you’re having a conversation, or mindfully enjoy that piece of chocolate cake.

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