A Reset

It’s been a while since I posted and I wanted to give you an update. The original plan was to go back to Asia in autumn, but we decided to stay home to work more (both for money, but also on our home).

In December, I’d declared I needed a break and so, using airline points from a cancelled 2020 trip and a hotels.com gift card, we booked a two week stay in Puerto Rico.

We immediatley fell in in love with the country, from the bioluminescent bay and golf cart transporation in Vieques to the rainforest trails in El Yunque, and the gorgeous beaches the streets of Old San Juan. It was relaxing and fun as we meandered our way around the island, stopping whenever we saw something that looked interesting.

Since then, I’ve sent a lot of time trying to reconnect at home. How had I let my relationships slip away? When was the last time I’d made a phone call to a long-distance friend or family member? Why not stop and talk to a neighbor as I walk to and from the post office?

I’m making a concerted effort to do a great reset of my life. To go outside at night and gaze up at the stars (I actually saw a shooting star two nights ago!). I’m making the effort with people that are a bit distant- sussing out if it’s that they’re really busy or if they are in need of a caring word.

What about you? How are you resetting and reconnecting?

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