Can An Outhouse Tip Over?

Yes. The answer is yes, yes it can.

Well, a porta potty can, at least. We had our porta potty serviced on Tuesday and moved to the top of our driveway.

For the past couple of days we’ve had a huge storm with thunder and lightening. Wind howled and rocked our 5th wheel. All was fine until last night, when the porta potty tipped over.

My amazing husband righted it and stabilized it with concrete blocks, but it was too dark to properly assess it. So, I caved and asked for a hotel room.

This morning from our hotel room we called the porta potty place and they said they’d make a special trip for us. They also said they can set it back up, shpuld it happen in the future.

Which won’t be an issue because 1) hubby is going to strap the thing into place and 2 I’ll just move if it happens again.

Fingers crossed we get our well and septic in soon!

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