Cheap Eats at Home

I’m always looking for healthier and cheaper meal options to make at home, especially in light of inflation.

With summer approaching, I prefer spending less time cooking. During colder months, I enjoy making homemade pot pie (crust included) or a slow cooking roast.

The other day, we were at friend’s house unexpectedly for lunch. He invited us to stay, pulling out shredded chicken he’d cooked in a huge batch and various vegetables.

Taking note, I did a simple shopping trip. Breakfast will be eggs, oatmeal or cottage cheese (all with toppings). Lunch will be chicken wraps or quinoa bowls. Dinner will be a veggies and meat. Simple.

Not only is this approach more budget-friendly (no crazy ingredients here), but it saves mind space.

Oh, and hubby made a half pot of extra strong coffee. I’ll freeze it in an ice cube tray and we’ll make homemade iced coffees (I did splurge and get chocolate sauce).

Chicken wrap: ranch, spinach, chicken, tomato, cojita cheese

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