Natural Manicure

I’m not one to write about cosmetics or fashion, especially nail care. After all, I’ve had exactly four professional manicures and even less pedicures in my life and chipped or smudged my polish within an hour.

That being said, with two moves in as many months, planting season (so dirt under my nails) and hash wind all took a toll on my nails. My nail clippers (the only nail care I use these days) got lost somewhere in the shuffle, so I put it on my grocery store list.

At the store, I stumbled across a nail tool I’d forgotten about: a 3-in-1 item that removes ridges smooths the nail and then adds shine. I’d first learned about it two decades ago when I complimented a coworker on always having perfect nails. She revealed that she shaped and shined them at home.

Now, I can’t say I’m a pro at shaping my nails, but I can confirm that they look clean, tidy, and healthy with their new smooth, shiny appearance.

Minimalist and frugal self-care? Count me in!

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