Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I am always on the go and enjoy gardening, baking, and taking pictures. I love a good book and a cup of black coffee, a travel podcast and a glass of wine, or a refreshing glass of lemonade after a swim.

I move often and I submerge myself wherever I am planted- hence unrooted and blooming. I have had an array of jobs: social worker, retail, housesitter, yoga teacher, payroll specialist, writer, dog watcher, ESL teacher, 2nd hand seller…and…and…and. I’ve house hacked-rented out my home furnished, and moved to SE Asia on a whim.

I like to find the beauty in everything around me, from the smell of freshly washed laundry to a perfect chocolate cake, when a friend doesn’t shy away when life gets messy and a colorful weed in an otherwise “perfect” lawn.

Take a look at my gallery, read about my adventures, check out some recipes, and tell me what you’re up to.

  • Homestead Eggs

    I love moving to a new place. It’s always exciting to explore the area and hunt down new favorite places. I’ve wanted fresh eggs for some time, though, and it’s been harder to find them. For one, I am not a big fan of social media and for two, a lot of people in my […]

  • Flexibility: The Key to Success

    We’re tackling the last big project for the year and it’s a doozy. Our garage is an addition and was added under a permit for a deck. Whoever built it didn’t do it to spec, which means that remodeling it has been interesting. As it’s where there was a bat infestation and a leaking roof, […]

  • Don’t Cry Over Spilt Paint

    I had just left the hardware store for the third time in one day, tired and hungry and wanting to just be finished with the day’s tasks. As our house is in a constant state of flux between being so clean you can eat off the floors and a complete construction zone, we try to […]

  • DIY: Garage Teardown Edition

    Based on how you look at it, we got a screamin’ deal on our house. You could also just consider us crazy. After all, who wants to deal with a bat infestation, pink walls, a garage with a broken door, mold, and a huge crack in the floor….the list goes on. We do. Or, rather, […]

  • Zebra Shades

    “These are amazing,” I said as I raised the shades my new apartment. It was 2019 and my husband and I had just moved into our apartment in Hoi An, Vietnam. I’m now one to care much about furnishings. I like my home clean and rather sparse. It needs to have a good seating area […]

  • The Wolf You Feed

    I was walking at the beach today, as I often do, and I happened to glance down at the sand. I usually spend my time doing a walking meditation; that is, paying attention to my senses (the sand between my toes, the cool breeze on my arms, the scent of the salt area, the sound […]

  • Opinion- Everyone Has One

    My niece visited a couple of weeks ago, making our house the last stop on a road trip before she headed back to college. She’s starting her Sophomore year this autumn and as often happens, we started talking about life. She loves animals, so growing up, when adults asked ‘what do you want to be […]

  • It Isn’t The Taj Mahal

    Free time these days is taken up by working on our house and yard. To say that there is a lot of deferred maintenance may just be the understatement of the year. We’ve evicted bats, hacked a jungle living under our deck, grew a garden, learned to pressure can, put in new floors, painted the […]

  • Monday Musings: What’s It Worth?

    Nothing is worth your life. I was crouched down, my camera pointed at a seagull, trying to snap the perfect moment. I took a step forward and stumbled, just as a wave crashed against the sand. I didn’t realize the tide was coming in and the next wave got closer and higher than I was […]

  • Baking Day!

    My family wasn’t big into baking when I was a kid, so it was by accident that I fell into the habit of baking. We’d have box cake mix for birthdays and very rarely (maybe once or twice a year), homemade chocolate chip cookies. Growing up, I remember standing on a chair for what seemed […]

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